A modern city

A city is a large urban area normally associated with continuous residential and commercial development. It usually is a centre of habitation, manufacturing, trade and finance. In the 22nd century, most people throughout the world have their homes in these conurbations.

Cities are often places of marked contrasts, particularly when comparing the older parts with the more modern. On the one hand, the old 20th century districts tend to be squalid and poorly-maintained places where unemployment and crime are rife. The newer districts generally attract the wealthier inhabitants and are characterised by technologies such as floater vehicles, travel tubes and architectural holograms. The inhabitants of these zones live in an elegant, lavish world.


The major cities are run by a City Manager, such as Bill Kennedy, who attempts to maintain order with an squad of heavily armed police. The police – augmented by cadres of double-Y clones – are more like an army, each one outfitted with high-powered laser weapons and visors that give an immediate read-out on any individual, while also targeting that person. Attack vehicles are used to patrol. It is common practice, supported by a very scared populace and the legal authority of the North American Union, to shoot first and do the paperwork later.

Important NAU cities

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