Economic Combine
Holy Islamic Federation (HIF)
اتحاد الإسلامي المقدسة
al-Ittiħād al-Islāmiyah ul-Muqaddasah
Leader Mohammed Zaganada
Capital Cairo
Languages English, Arabic
Currency DinarRiyal
Flag A crescent and three stars borrowed from the current Egyptian flag centered on the stripes of the current Ghana flag.

The Holy Islamic Federation (HIF) was formed by a union of the Middle Eastern Islamic nations, who used oil as a leverage to attempt to become a major power -- but the passing of the internal combustion engine undercut their attempt. The geographic region of the HIF includes all of Africa under the HIF's very loose control. An increase in rain to the arid regions due to climactic changes and regional weather modification has led to a greening of the Sahara and a burgeoning agriculture in this region. The HIF now supplies common and exotic foods -- including genetically altered fruit -- to the world's wealthy.


The Holy Islamic Federation is a strict fundamentalist theocracy. It trades freely with the other Economic Combines but regards them as infidels. Mullah Mohammed Zaganada lets his Combine vacillate between cautious acceptance and a nearly war-like paranoia. The other Combines, in turn, give the HIF a wide berth.

The Government headquarters are located in a huge golden pyramid.