Madeleine Clarke is the President of the North American Union and leader of the Unified Party.

Personal Life Edit

This Thatcher-like leader is known for her independence, bluntness and iron will when dealing with adversaries. Her father, Lewison, is a World Court judge and creator of the imperial CenBank. Her mother, Beatrice, was a renowned scientist and inventor of the ID Chip.

A graduate of Tulane University and Harvard Law, she began her political career as a Representative from California, then was elected a Western Regional Senator. After a fierce year of lobbying and deal-making, she emerged as the Unified Party's Presidential Candidate. Clarke's character is an odd combination of idealism and ruthlessness; she projects a lofty vision of the NAU leading humanity into the future but is a master of political in-fighting and dirty tricks. She has a couple of skeletons in her closet. The first is her ex-husband, William Solon, a real estate tycoon who has a history of shady dealings and possible underworld connections; he has been investigated but never indicted. The second is her ne'er-do-well son, Bryan Clarke.