Location of Seattle

Seattle is a city in the North American Union located in the former US state of Washington. Its official nickname is "The Emerald City" because of the lush evergreen trees in the surrounding area; it is also referred to as "The Rainy City" as it is overcast and drizzly an average of 226 days per year.

However, following several months of meteorological adjustment by MacroWeather, Seattle experienced a severe drought in February 2144. The city's mayor, Izzy Dryer, commented:

If they need a place to dump all that rain, they can move El Niñocito up here. We sure could use it!

By May 2144, city authorities began to draw up plans for water rationing due to the lack of snow in the Pacific Northwest. During the winter of 2143 there had been minimal snow melt from the mountains. Severe brush fires had also broken out in the tinder-dry region.